Bobby's Testimony

I grew up in Arkansas and had an awesome childhood! I grew up in a relatively small town spending summers and weekends on my grandparent's farm hunting, fishing and watching the Hogs before graduating from University of Arkansas with a Bachelor of Science in Mechanical Engineering in 1980. I regularly attended Methodist church with my family growing up and I remember praying to Jesus every day. During my senior year in high school my Mom came down with ovarian cancer, she fought it for over 3 years before passing away my junior year in college. I had been dating my childhood sweet heart during this time, we got married so my Mom could see the wedding, and she died a month later.

My Mom passing away destroyed me and my faith in God, I pretty much stopped praying at this point. I eventually started going back to church but it was never the same, this lasted for the next 20+ years. During this period I got a divorce and was apart from my 2 son's age 14 and 10 as they moved back to Arkansas, they meant the world to me. I made a promise to myself then to stay in their lives which I did and have done ever since.

One night in 2005 while praying, pleading is probably a better description, I decided that it was time for a change, I had had enough of my own behavior. I reached out to Chris Alexander and he started a Bible Study class for me which began my journey back to the Lord and Chris even re-baptized me in his "cold" pool in May of 2006!!! This journey came at a very important time for my family. Katy our daughter was a sophomore in high school and seeing the change in me she began going to Second Baptist Church youth group which ultimately led us both there for church, Patty was re-baptized there in 2008. I also started focusing on re-building my relationships with my 2 sons which, continues to get better every day through a lot of prayer and work.

Another "come to Jesus" moment happened recently around Christmas of 2012, it had become clear to me that I was still not "all in for Jesus" and that I either served the devil or I served our Lord, there was no in-between. That was when I decided to get "all in" and started going every Sunday to Second and Patty and I got involved in a Bible Study class there for "Blended Families" called Stepladder, which has been an incredible blessing to us. In addition to going to church and Bible Study I also began going every Tuesday morning at 6am; yes 6am, to Men's Bible Study at the Denny's in Houston near my office. This has allowed me to build closer relationships to "Godly Men". At first this was a struggle, but as someone famous said to me "half the battle to just showing up"! I have also realized that this is a journey I will not finish until I go home to meet Jesus. I am excited about this Believer's Challenge as I continue my own work and help others.

I am still a little worried that as George Straight says in one of his songs, "if He knows half the things I have done He will never let me in", but I know He has already purchased me and loves me just as I am and I can live with that. The fact that I am still on this earth is His testimony that he is not finished with me yet.