Chris Alexander

In many regards, being a Christian defines who I am. Although I deeply love my family (beyond measure), have many wonderful friends, enjoy working hard and building business, and a host of other activities, for most of my life serving Jesus Christ has been the driving force in what I have done. As I have gotten older (both chronologically and spiritually), I have developed a heightened awareness of how far I am from being who Christ has called me to be.

I had the privilege of growing up in a wonderful Christian home with Godly parents and a wonderful brother who now serves the Lord as a gifted pastor. I placed my trust in Christ at the age of 8. Growing up the Lord protected me from so many experiences that often befall young men in their formative years. Unfortunately, during these years I often had an attitude that was arrogant and prideful in thinking that I was better than others. I look back in time at this attitude in sadness, because it was God's protection and Grace during this time and not because of my will power or personal abilities. By and large, I served Christ faithfully while attending Bryan High School and Texas A&M University, including my time as a member of the Fightin' Texas Aggie Band. Like other Believers, the core of my testimony is God's Grace. Without His calling and preordained plan for my life, I would be dead (Romans 8:28-33).

As I look at the remainder of my days on this planet, I have a desire to know Christ and make Him known. This means being cognizant of the Lord's direction in my life and actively sharing the Gospel with a world that desperately needs a Savior. Over the past year (2012), there has been a burning desire in my heart to challenge fellow American Believers to end our era of "lukewarmness" and rally to the work of Him who has called us to the noble pursuit of sharing the Gospel.