Kevin Hunter

I was born and raised (my early years) in a family where my mother attended a local church and a father that rarely attended. I accepted Christ when I was 9. For the first 8 or 10 years of my life, church was a cornerstone and helped establish a foundation. I was the oldest of 3 boys and as we got older, we were involved in numerous competitive sports... this ultimately resulted in scheduling conflicts and our involvement/attendance at church faded, but still was a part of my life. For the most part I was drifting. I believed in Jesus but wasn't on fire. As I attended college, I was fortunate to have some good friends that were also Christians that helped keep me loosely engaged. Out of grad school started my first real job in California (where I knew no one) and quickly learned how to work way too many hours and kind of lost track of my priorities. After a couple years, a door opened and I moved to Jacksonville Florida with a new company. My initial couple weeks were spent at the corporate offices in Missouri where I met a lot of new people. Some became good Christian friends and helped get things moving in the right direction.

It's a long story but one of the travel agents I met became a good friend (I travelled a lot and talked to her often). Even separated by over 1000 miles, we grew close and really learned how to communicate. About 3 years later, we were married. As we started our life together we both knew that Jesus was going to be part of it. We began searching for a church and ultimately found home. We both found our flame turned up and God blessed us. In 1999 we had our daughter (Shea) and God really used this to solidify our faith and used us in so many neat ways. We were involved in men's and women's groups as well as heavily involved in the middle school ministries. A couple years later we had our youngest (Nicholas) and within minutes of him being born, the nurse and doctor whisked him away to neo-natal. The next day or two were rough and God guided us through it. I still remember the words from a song by Reliant K that brought me peace:

Never underestimate my Jesus

Your tellin' me that there's no hope

I'm tellin' you your wrong

Never underestimate my Jesus

When the world around you crumbles

He will be strong he will be strong

I think I can't

But I think you can

I think you can

Gather my insufficiencies and

Place them in your hands

God was in control and had His plan.. we just needed to walk with Him. I also learned a valuable lesson. When you ask God to open doors and use you, hang on. God did some amazing things in our lives. In 2003 we moved from sunny Jacksonville FL to North East Ohio (the dreaded Snow Belt!) We found a great church and made some good friends. About 7 years later God opened another door and lead us to Cypress, Texas. He's put some amazing Godly Christian friends in our lives and given us some great opportunities to minister and impact others.

I know that Jesus has my back and is in control. Don't ever underestimate MY JESUS!!!