Scot Wall

My father, who was pastor of Spring Branch Community Church at the time, conducted regular family devotions. Even though I was quite young, I understood the questions my father asked regarding the passages he had read during devotions. He asked if I understood that I had done wrong and deserved punishment. I knew that I had.

He then asked if I understood the fact that God, if He was to do right, would have to give out punishment for my wrong-doing. That made sense. And he explained that I would have to be punished and that punishment would be that I would have to spend eternity away from God. But then he offered the fact that Jesus had taken my punishment for me and all I had to do was tell Him that I believed in Who Jesus was and what He had done for me and to accept that for myself and then I wouldn't have to be punished that way.

So with tears in my eyes, I accepted Jesus as the one to take my punishment. Sometime later, when I could articulate to the congregation what Christ had done for me, I was baptized.

Because I was so young when I received this gift from God, there were times when I struggled with questions such as, "What if I were born in another part of the world to different parents, would I still believe this to be true?" So I have devoted much of my life to pursuing learning what is true about life. This has taken me down a path and a journey that still continues to this day. And that path has been very difficult and very bumpy along the way as I have grappled with very emotional and deeply cutting issues.

But the more I have examined and scrutinized the Bible and the claims of Christ alongside other world beliefs and systems, the more I am convinced today that Jesus is Who He said He was and that what He did is the only way to God in Heaven. I am so convinced that, because I care for those around me, I want as many others as possible to at least have a chance to hear this truth and to decide for themselves.

God's love for me and His power to continually impact and change me is amazing. I recognize that my life today is so different from what I know it would be if I had been in charge of it the whole way until now. Looking back at God's hand is more than enough confirmation of His power and love. How selfish it would be to keep this Good News to myself.